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Visiting and Learning about Ethiopia   15/05/2012 19:56:38

Lieu: Ethiopia
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Visiting and Learning about Ethiopia

The horn of Africa houses the country of Ethiopia. It contains a central plateau with a number of mountains and rivers. Temperatures range from 40 to 80°F within the sunny and dry region. The months of February through April are generally short rainy times. Much larger rains come sometime in June, and generally end in September.
The people of Ethiopia are highly diversified. Multiple languages are spoken. Some community members are Christian, while others are Muslim. Many people in the area also speak English as a second language.
Ethiopia became part of the Federal Republic. This took place under the Constitution in 1994. The president and Council of State are part of the executive branch, along with the Council of Ministers. The Prime Minister holds executive power.
Currently within the economy there is reform. The process of change is ongoing, while government officials influence the economy. The largest part of the economy is agriculturally based. A very high percentage of goods are exported. Nearly all the population is employed.
The largest export good from Ethiopia is that of coffee. Exports from Africa provide a large percentage of the world’s use of coffee. Ethiopia also exports leather, oilseeds, skins, sugar, and gold. Ethiopia, at times, deals with periods of drought along with degradation of soil components.
Agricultural means is most promising for Ethiopia. Although there is a high density of population, as well as water resources that are underdeveloped, there is great potential for self-sufficiency. Products include grains, livestock, vegetables, fruits, flowers and sugar. The country relies heavily upon the market place.
Ethiopia is also involved in the mining of gold, limestone, and marble. Small amounts of mining are also done for tantalum. There are also several areas of potential development for commercial use. Natural gas is available as well as iron ore. Ethiopia relies on imported oil for their community needs.
Ethiopia is a country of hope, with the United States partnering in training and assistance. Together, emphasis is placed on Ethiopian economy and the well-being of the community. Ethiopia is a place rich in history, full of vibrant tradition.
Ethiopia is a delightful place to tour and to take part in breathtaking views of nature. Families can experience first-hand the customary traditions of the tribal members. Trekking and birding is of interest to many visitors. Viewing the Oma River Region is also a fascinating view of the African culture. Tour guides are available for many sight seeing opportunities. tours and hotels in addis ababa Ethiopia

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